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---- My practice warmly welcomes all people, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, relationship dynamics, sexual preferences, physical ability, ethnic origin or religion and beliefs.

My therapeutic approach takes into account the diversity of human experience, including unconventional relationship dynamics (polyamory, open relationships, chosen celibacy, relational anarchy, etc) and alternative sexual practices (tantra, BDSM, libertarianism, fetishism, positive sexuality, etc). ----

Specialized in psychopathology, with training and an integrative approach, I help you enter your depths... to find the treasures that live within you.


Beyond the search for well-being, my vision of psychotherapy is that of the path of inner metamorphosis.

At your own pace and listening to the living within you, it is by diving into what constitutes you, accompanied by a psychotherapist who supports you, that you release certain non-visible but active information in your cells in order to bring you to fully choose your life, in conscience.


By revealing the non-conscious inside you, you reclaim your power and your free will; you come out of the injunctions of the past that direct your emotions, your view of the world and your behavior, to experience a new way of relating to yourself, to others and to your environment.

My different tools 


Trained as an integrative therapist, my approach is centered on LI - LifeSpan Integration - with a strong emphasis on body sensations in the present moment, driven by a profoundly humanistic outlook. As each person is unique in the world, their needs vary, depending on their personality and the reason for their consultation.  Therapy isn't about ready-to-wear, it's about tailor-made solutions. It's the tool, the approach, that adapts to the human being, not the other way round.

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LI - Lifespan Integration

What is Lifespan Integration?

LI is a therapy created by Peggy Pace about twenty years ago which is based on neuroscience research on trauma, anxiety and attachment. It calls on the innate capacity for self-healing of the body-mind system, which is stimulated by relaunching neuronal integration.


How does it work?

When an event that is too difficult cannot be "digested", in particular because its emotional charge is too great, it is disconnected from the other neural networks. When memory calls it back, it is not experienced as past but still active. Through LI, the body integrates the past event and regulates itself. This allows you to move from "I know that the past is in the past" to "I feel that it's over, that today I'm safe and in charge of my life".


What are the indications for this therapy?

LI is indicated for any symptom that disables your daily life, whether minor or psychopathological: physical, emotional, relational or behavioral.

These include depression, anxiety disorders, single or repeated traumas, phobias, eating disorders, addictions, emotional deficiencies and attachment disorders, problems of self-esteem and emotional management, as well as difficulties in settling into a love life, social life, family life, professional life or identity (non-exhaustive list).

Online psychotherapy

Video-consultation therapy

Thanks to the technology that allows you to be part of a therapeutic process, even from a distance! Nomads, geographically isolated, discreet, anxious, with atypical hours, preferring the comfort of your home, this is no longer an obstacle to establishing a relationship of trust with a psychotherapist.

My way of working


Short or long therapy, how often? We define a working framework according to your motivations and your objectives. It can be a brief therapy focused on a specific goal, a long therapy to meet a defined intention, a process of self-knowledge, or even a one-off follow-up to help you through life events.

I receive teenagers, adults and seniors.

You can book an appointment directly on Doctolib or contact me by phone or e-mail.

Video sessions can be held via Doctolib, Skype, WhatsApp or by phone.


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