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Passionate about the Human in its singularity, after an artistic exploration, I undertook studies in Clinical Psychology and Integrative Psychopathology at the University Paris Descartes, in order to acquire a solid and recognized base, to then turn to other less traveled paths. During my studies, I had the opportunity to study psychology as taught in Switzerland, at the University of Geneva, and then to do an internship in a place full of life and humanity where care is based on mutual aid and sharing : the Therapeutic Community of Aubervilliers which welcomes residents with substance use disorder and with whom I have subsequently worked.  I also immersed myself in the world of hospitals and maternity wards during a training period at the maternity ward of the Franco-British Hospital.  

At the same time I encountered Quantum Psychobiology which completely upset my old paradigms: I went from a notion of the psychic unconscious to a notion of the biological non-conscious. I therefore trained in his therapeutic inclination, the QPB : Quantum Potential Brain.

In continuing education, I also trained in psychotrauma with LI (LifeSpan Integration), the basics of Somatic Experiencing, motivational interviewing, attachment issues in adult psychotherapy and the field of sexuality and intimacy, notably with the Institute for Relational Harmony Studies. 


Inspired by humanist currents, transformed by psychotherapy and personal therapy in gestalt, PBQ and LI, nourished by my activist and associative commitments as well as my daily practice of meditation and somatic bodywork, my psychotherapeutic approach based on LI is tinged with the integration of its various adjacent or complementary fields of exploration and knowledge. 

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