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Quantum Psychobiology

Quantum psychobiology is a new discipline founded by Pascale de Gail Athis. It is   another model for research and education that offers a   conceptual framework capable of adapting the quantum model to any system. It demonstrates how the patterns of matter  - governed by the laws of physics - reflect mental patterns - governed by the psyche - and how these patterns are driven by biological consciousness.

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  QPB uses the interconnections between the psyche, cells and   the bio-electromagnetic field - support of the energy and information - to bring the person to conceive the unfolding of his existence from a plenitude and no longer from a lack. Its therapeutic purpose is to bring the being to CHOOSE HIS LIFE

Access to information tools

         It's by testing the body, thanks to the biological test of precision, by applying light pressure to the muscles of the arms, the brain receives feedback in its own language: kinesthetic perception, which makes it possible to obtain a response from the whole brain.

This opens up dimensions of your past to unearth memories of traumatic experiences encoded in your cellular memory. It is by releasing the emotions – which are chemical substances -   locked up in your cells, at a time in the past, that it changes the hormonal and informational structures that activate the imprints of your memory. It instantly pacifies your experiences at that very moment.

This change, this reorganization of past memory, has the effect of reorganizing at the same time the perception of the present time and thus of remodeling your reality, of adopting new behaviors in the face of events, of experiencing new sensations: consequently you leave instantaneously from the reproduction of trying experiences. As you become more aware, you release suffering, decode your limiting beliefs and their ever-present information, and change the nature of your experiences.This is indeed how you feel about an experience that shapes your reality.

Speech and emotional release have a very important place in the session, however it is not a question of finding the root of your suffering but of disconnecting yourself from this same suffering. It is a very different paradigm from that of classical psychotherapy, since we move from a notion of the psychological unconscious to a notion of the biological non-conscious. 

QPB : Quantum Potential Brain 

          The various PBQ protocols reset your cellular memory initiating another event horizon from a pacified version of your history. You definitely emerge from the repetition of your painful experiences - at the level of your psyche, from the duplication of your generating biofield of the same environment - at the biological level, from an insecure environment - at the physical level.

Potential: use the potentiality

You all have a potential that goes far beyond what you can conceive but either you don't know it or you don't know how to access it, nor how use it.

The PBQ, taking you out of biological conditioning, from a matrix, a survival program encoded in your cells, opens you up to broader perspectives.

It opens access to the infinite resources that inhabit you and leads you to exploit them.

Brain: the role of the brain 

It is your brain that transforms your psychology into biology, and your biology transforms your molecules into physical experiences. You understand the outside world because the signals your brain receives from your senses activate patterns that already exist in your neural structures. Modeling your reality is a function of your brain. By decoding biologically active informationyou redefine yourself from another version of yourself

Quantum: use the bio-electromagnetic field to transfer information

The bio-electromagnetic field is the carrier of information. By modifying it, you modify your interaction with your environment. After revisiting one or more experiences  from your past in sessions; your information is updated in your body from and according to this change of information, and consequently of the new active program. 

For more resources, visit the Quantum Psychobiology reference site:

In this lecture, transdisciplinary researcher and founder of quantum psychobiology Pascale de Gail Athis sheds powerful light on how Newtonian and Darwinian principles shape our perception of ourselves and the world, and how discoveries in quantum physics are leading us to convert our gaze and rethink our relationship with reality, as well as our understanding of psychology.

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